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Welcome to the wiki of NoxiousOT!

This wiki is still in progress and contains several guides for quests, custom hunting grounds, custom items, etc. Even though it is an unofficial wiki, it is maintained only by Staff members of NoxiousOT. Nevertheless, you still use this wiki at your own risk!

As a general rule of thumb: if the information you're looking for is not here, then it is not custom content for NoxiousOT and most likely exists in the real Tibia 8.6. In such a case, you should always check out Tibia Wiki!


OTLand IP Changer

You can download the OTLand IP Changer here directly. To load the settings for NoxiousOT into the IP Changer, click here.

More information about the IP Changer can be found on the OTLand IP Changer's page.

Elfbot NG

You can download Elfbot 4.5.9, along with a free crack and the official Tibia 8.6 client here.

More information about Elfbot can be found on the Elfbot page.


Gold Nugget Gold
Noxious Token Noxious Tokens
Prempoints.gif Premium Points
Taskcredit.png Store Credit

Custom Spawn Guides

Accessible through portals under Thais Depot

Spawn Creators Comments
Onett Brotha Tom
Twoson Pain'soul Twoson now includes what was previously known as 'Arcane'
Jungle Pain'soul
Treasure Brotha Tom
Threed Brotha Tom
Hope Brotha Tom
Mystery Brotha Tom
Travincal Brotha Tom not up to date since the reset of August 2017
Dredmor Brotha Tom

Quest Guides

If a quest is not listed here, then it is the same as on real Tibia 8.6. In that case, please refer to TibiaWiki.

Quest Required Level Tutorial Creators Comments
4 different Dredmor Quests 175 Darth Maul, Templa
Gruul Quest 175 Darth Maul, Doctor Dre, Casino, Essari If you want to kill Lord Dredmor, you'll need level 200. This is not a part of the quest, however.
Children of the Revolution 8 Foxx The Archer
Wrath of the Emperor Quest 200 Foxx The Archer
Atmos the Sage Quest 175 Ritus Allows you to repair Soft Boots with the !softboots command for 100k
Holy Monk Quest 150 Templa in progress
Runewar The Sage Quest 8 Darth Maul
Captain Spellstorm Quest 200 Darth Maul Changes a spell's effect depending on your vocation.
Paradox Tower Quest 250 Kingd
Firewalker Boots Quest 100 Darth Maul, Lost Minx
Demon Oak Quest 175 One Nutious
Dreamer's Challenge 8 Dott, CM Thoth Brotherhood or Nightmare Outfit as reward
King's Relic Quest 1 rebirth and level 200 Red, Dope Fiend, Colorian, Hazerd Gives you the unique Kings Relic as reward.
Blazing Demon Outfit Quest 175 Craxito Rules Allows you to wear the Blazing Demon outfit as character outfit.
Crypt Keeper Quest 250
Dream Quest 200 "Dream" portal under Thais Depot, which takes you to Rookgaard in a Dream state.
Pits of Inferno Quest 175 TibiaWiki You can skip the parts with the vocation stones and the levers.
Dr. Jones Quest 200 Darth Maul In Jungle, a Teleporter underneath Thais Depot.
Onett Monster Simulation Challenges 80 East Onett, inside the steel building on level -1.

Task NPC's

The Task NPC's are located in the Depot of Thais, floor -1.

NPC Creators Comments
Daily Task: Shaman Unlimited Blade Collect items to gain rewards.
Daily Challenge: Champion Unlimited Blade Random challenges to gain Gold and Store Credit as rewards.

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